CFM groups

Group meetings

• CFM groups meet regularly once or twice a month.
• Group meetings take place at a parish facility or at member families’ houses.
• Groups generally consist of six to eight couples each.
• Also a priest attends group meetings if possible.
• CFM groups, which work separately, have the opportunity to meet with one another on a few occasions during the year.


• Gathering: personal reports of the past period and the Act part (commitments) of the previous meeting.

• Prayer: each guideline offers relevant opening prayers, Bible passages and thoughts for short reflection for each meeting. Prayer can be started and closed with a hymn.

• Sharing: the main part of the meeting (usually 90 to 120 minutes)
• Orientation: the topic is introduced by a passage read out loud.
• Observe: general sharing based on questions read out one by one. It important that each person can tell his/her experiences regarding each question.
• Judge: the related experiences are examined in the light of the Gospel. Evaluation is based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
• Act: it is important that discoveries inspire actions. With each topic, CFM guidelines offer practical ideas, but anyone can make his/her own commitments.

• Closing prayer: the „formal” part of the meeting is closed with a prayer.

• Informal time: discussion of practical questions or plans; snacks.