Joining CFM Hungary

joinCFM is a community of groups. Therefore we welcome any – already existing or newly formed – groups who wish to join CFM.

There are five requirements for any group wishing to join MÉCS/CFM Hungary.

• The group consists of couples living in sacramental marriage, who want to deepen their marriage and their faith. CFM exists within the Catholic Church, but one or two Protestant or mixed couples can join any group.

• Each group must have a responsible couple who keep contact with CFM and FIRES leaders. It is possible that after a period of time this responsibility is taken over by another couple. It is the responsible couple’s duty and responsibility to represent their group at the meetings of group leaders (twice a year), as well as to inform their group about any events planned by the CFM board.

• For each CFM group there must be a priest who knows the group and – even if he cannot be present at each meeting – helps families with his guidance and accompanies them with his prayers.

• Each couple commit themselves to making a FIRES Engaged Encounter or an Original Marriage Encounter prior to, or within 1-1,5 years after joining CFM Hungary.

• CFM groups use their yearly MÉCS/CFM booklets (in Hungarian) as guidelines for sharing at meetings.